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Your sizzling September issue spotlights Jeza Belle’s latest book, The Harlot’s Guide To Classy Cocktails, John Ellis recalls a true story of spontaneous sex with The Motorbike Guy and our resident legal eagle, Ben Hart explains how Thailand could become a safe haven for persecuted gays around the globe. Pink Mango reveals Bangkok’s Awards news and in an OUT iT first, Darika writes a letter to herself!

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Out This Week

Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    Playing it safe


    By James Barnes

    He turned up, dead on time and his online photographs, which were good, had not done him justice. He was a stunner. All he wanted was a glass of water and a quick shower. Then it was down to business. The body was a gym honed and buffed celebration of sexiness, the face was more than appealing and he started doing things that had not been discussed but hit several bullseyes on my sexual target of personal peccadillos. This was amazing and judging by the involuntary expressions of delight that were emanating from his gorgeous mouth, I was doing something right too. It seemed that we were both determined to extend this exquisite play before embarking on the main event. So we did.


    Old Habits...cry hard

    IRK_4614By James Barnes

    When I was a little boy, crying was not an option. My mother would tell me that big boys don’t cry. To tell her that I was not a big boy would elicit the heartless, ‘Stop crying or I’ll give you something to really cry about.’ This could mean that she’d take off her shoe and crack the top of my head with a stiletto heel- these days, she’d go to jail for it. Father was worse. The only emotion he ever showed was anger and he favoured punching over spanking. Add to all this the fact that in those days, the stiff upper English lip was prerequisite and you get a pretty fucked up picture.

    Going to Catholic schools, taught by sadistic nuns and priests just amplified the misery. With all those tears bottled up, my only chance to be lachrymose was at the cinema. Going to see ‘Born Free’ or ‘Bambi’ or any sentimental tripe, was a legitimate chance to open the floodgates in the dark movie theatre and sob my heart out. And I did. Regularly. Still today, I am far more likely to be tearful because of some TV tragedy or big screen sorrow. Heartbroken last year when I split with my boyfriend of thirteen years, I barely wept.


    You've got to laugh...

    308664_196745597066585_1969061406_nHe was twinkling at me in the airport café. I twinkled back. I guessed that he was in his early twenties and he was very easy on the eye. Boldly, he was walking towards me with the ubiquitous Thai smile, and that graceful gait, exclusive to the undeniably fabulous. It was quickly established that we had different planes to catch and our respective boarding gates were beckoning, so telephone numbers were exchanged and as we parted, he rested his hand on mine as if to state that which was already obvious… but I liked it.

    A courtship of sorts then followed, thanks to the wonders of interweb chat. He worked in a swanky hotel on one of the southern islands, more than 1,200 kms from my Chiang Mai nest and work prevented me from accepting his frequent invitations to visit him. In a month, he would have a week off and he decided to fly north and spend it with me. Cynically, I waited for the request for me to fund his trip. Surprisingly, that request was never made.


    Bi Brains Baffle Boffins

    Research suggests that bisexual people can hold Alzheimer's disease at bay for longer. The onset of Alzheimer's disease seems to be delayed by around four years in bisexuals and it can improve your cognitive skills and delay the onset of dementia, according to researchers who compared bisexual individuals with heterosexual people.


    Back and to the left…

    As the world’s media ‘celebrate’ the fiftieth anniversary of that sunny Dallas day when an assassin’s bullets blew away JFK and launched a conspiracy theory movement that only grows with the passing of time, a line from Oliver Stone’s terrifically toshful cinematic hokum keeps ringing out in my head: ‘Back and to the left…’ Technically tremendous but utter twaddle, JFK did not convince me. Of course, the murder of a bright, youngish man in front of his wife and, as the Zapruder film enabled, the world, was tragic but the whole Kennedy clan never ranked higher than opportunist gangsters in my estimation. And the conspiracy freaks have not even flirted with the truth.


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