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December 2014

OUT48DEC2014COVERThe end of another year and Christmas in sight gives us the chance to bring you another packed parcel of festive fun. We have the second part of our EXCLUSIVE Hillary Clinton interview with the former first lady and Secretary of State talking with amazing candour about being a gay icon, feminism, and running for President. We celebrate the birthday of another gay icon, Madame Karen and Kenneth Dobson has penned a surprising seasonal special: Holy Night. Test your movie knowledge with Brian Baxter’s Christmas quiz and enjoy all your regular favourites- our present to you!

Never mind if you are a Santa or a Scrooge, I personally wish you a very merry Christmas and hope that your stockings are filled with your favourite fruits!


Out This Week

Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    Home Truth

    xBy James Barnes

    Every now and then, every expatriate gets a little pang. An occasional reminder that impinges the contentment. Something once familiar but now, faraway. A tune on the radio, perhaps, that provokes a memory. Or a fellow expat’s reminiscences prod the mind. An online picture of the test match being played at Lord’s prompts a hankering for the sound of leather on willow and some warm, cask conditioned ale, quaffed in an uncomfortable deck-chair, a rumpled copy of The Sunday Times dotted with sandwich crumbs on the lap. Or, it could be another ball game- boules peutetre avec un petit croque monsieur? Baseball and a hot dog? And the result is a little bout of homesickness.



    64548_111099779073635_567962098_nBy James Barnes

    Landing in Thailand for the first time is not merely venturing into an unknown country. So great is the cultural chasm that it is more like landing on another planet. Thai guys are naturally beguiling, beautiful and bewitching but also bamboozling! The smooth as silk skin, the melting chocolate eyes and snaky hips combine to create charms that are irresistible but before your heart races and your penis pounds, here are some tips to give that newly blossoming love and lust a chance to survive the inevitable factional friction…


    Have you been attacked?

    tn_1413477203BY JAMES BARNES

    I was leaving a gay club with a very moist young gentleman when it happened. We were arm in arm, laughing, high from dancing and the expectation of what was going to happen as soon as we got back to his place. Our happiness disappeared in a flash when we were confronted by a gang of aggressive young guys, blocking our way and hurling insults at us. We were outnumbered. Terrified. The violence exploded in an instant. We were knocked to the ground and savagely kicked, over and over. Kicked in the head. Kicked in the stomach. Kicked in the back. Legs kicked. Arms kicked. I thought they were going to kill us. Our lives were going to end in that dark street; kicked to death. Because we were gay.


    Jingle Balls

    jinglebells1By James Barnes

    My mother calls me every Sunday- religiously. Poor old duck. She is on her last legs now and never misses the chance to tell me that she is ready to slip the surly bonds of Earth, shuffle off this mortal coil, kick the bucket. Every week, she repeats the long list of ills that curse her and reports that someone else has died. My impotence to help her breaks my heart and her weekly, doom-laden news, propels me into the bars to drown the depression. If I were unkind, I would call her a moaning Minnie. But it is sad.



    Gay-Man-Burned-AliveBy James Barnes.

    Hacks like me are a privileged bunch. Special access is granted. We have a license to be nosy. We get to hear the news first. Those advantages also mean that we are the first to be touched by the pitiful heartbreak that this world serves up. Our tears are the first to fall. And then we are duty bound to dry our eyes and report the horror without bias. The latest, shocking awfulness is happening in Africa. But I am not going to be unbiased.


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