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This month we celebrate the opening of ‘Imagine Resort’ in Chiang Mai with an exclusive interview with the vibrant young entrepreneur, Apinun Wongsaem who has built this tranquil retreat. Kenneth Dobson discusses the comparison between Michael Jackson and Peter Pan and Brian Baxter calls for more independent cinemas in Thailand.

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Out This Week

Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    Bi Brains Baffle Boffins

    Research suggests that bisexual people can hold Alzheimer's disease at bay for longer. The onset of Alzheimer's disease seems to be delayed by around four years in bisexuals and it can improve your cognitive skills and delay the onset of dementia, according to researchers who compared bisexual individuals with heterosexual people.


    Back and to the left…

    As the world’s media ‘celebrate’ the fiftieth anniversary of that sunny Dallas day when an assassin’s bullets blew away JFK and launched a conspiracy theory movement that only grows with the passing of time, a line from Oliver Stone’s terrifically toshful cinematic hokum keeps ringing out in my head: ‘Back and to the left…’ Technically tremendous but utter twaddle, JFK did not convince me. Of course, the murder of a bright, youngish man in front of his wife and, as the Zapruder film enabled, the world, was tragic but the whole Kennedy clan never ranked higher than opportunist gangsters in my estimation. And the conspiracy freaks have not even flirted with the truth.


    You’re not popular- you’re a slut!

    To pinch an idea from P.G.Wodehouse, spotting the difference between a gay queen with a grievance and a ray of sunshine, is not an easy task; such is the relish with which the inevitable tirade is launched. The opportunity to bitch is rarely missed. The bitching is not just bitching. It is elevated to the status of high art and demonstrates an eloquence that is universally coveted, admired and feared. The waspish wit is cloaked in a humour that is particularly gay, particularly rapier in thrust and particularly devastating in effect. The recipient is struck dumb. Stunned into speechlessness. The victim will have to withdraw, retreat and maybe, just maybe, come up with the witty repost after several stinging hours of humiliated reflection.


    Stephen Fry Made Me Cry

    The brilliant English writer, scholar, comedian, actor and broadcaster, Stephen Fry has often made me cry with helpless laughter. The humourist has such a witty turn of phrase that it is difficult to imagine anyone with a pulse not being amused, at the very least. But in recent years, Mr Fry has extended his remit into writing and presenting documentaries which are unfailingly touching. He famously suffers from bi-polar disorder and his two part special on the subject was hailed as a breakthrough in public awareness of the manically depressed.


    Where there’s a will...

    By James Barnes

    Same sex marriages are all the rage. The Americans have their collective knickers in a twist about it. Some States allow it but deliver no federal legitimacy. Others don’t allow it at all- it’s not Christian! All are arguing about it. In Western Europe, it has become so fashionable that gay businesses are springing up all over the place, offering catering, flowers, limousines, photographers et al to make that ‘special’ day even more special.


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