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March 2015 Issue

OUT51MAR2015WEB 1Thank you so much for all the calls and emails enthusing about the NEW OUT iT magazine print issue and the NEW OUT iT online Gay Guides to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Phuket. www.out-in-thailand.com has had a complete overhaul and the guides are bigger, better, bolder and more interactive than ever before. You can get FREE quotes for 1st & Business Class flights with up to 40% discount and even book your hotel with our NEW Hotel Search service.

This month’s cover story features a tale of tragedy and talent with twinkle toed Jay Margarita. You can win a FREE copy of controversial new novel “The Fallen Angels of Karnataka” by Hans Hirschi, who tells us about his life and work and Kenneth Dobson gives his take on gay marriage. We’ve done it again! Less pages but much, much more to read and enjoy!

Out This Week

Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    The Internet Attacks

    trans_thing_by_SzandorDuBoisBy James Barnes

    Last week’s OTW about the negative and outdated views expounded on internet forums by a ‘group’ of ‘old sexpats’ has produced more feedback and reader reaction than any previous musings I have made here or on our Facebook page. Most comments were positive- especially those from Thai readers. The piece unleashed a tempest in a tea cup, especially on one of those local gay forums. Hardly a surprise, I suppose but what did shock me was a personal attack that was so vicious, violent and vitriolic, that I was reduced to tears.


    5 Things They Don't Want You To Know About Gay Thailand

    IMG-0197By James Barnes

    There is a group of old gay expats who have been in Thailand, some of them, for more than 30 years. These oyster eyed oldies can be spotted drinking beer at breakfast. With too much time on their hands, they lurk in online forums, ready to snipe and bitch and advise the newcomer of ‘how things really are’. They haunt the go-go bars in search of their youth. Some own go-go bars and cannot understand why their decades old business models are devoid of customers. They are sad, jaded souls and trapped in their misery, they pose as experts but only strive to infect others with their cynicism. Here are 5 things they don’t want you to know about gay Thailand.


    The Fear of God

    fear-of-godBy James Barnes

    As you may have guessed from remarks made here, I am an atheist. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. I was taught in Catholic schools. By the time I was thirteen years old, an altar boy and generally devoted, I saw the error of their pious ways. I had first-hand experience of their casual cruelty and horrendous hypocrisy. I became devil’s advocate to their attempts at brainwashing through catechism and the priest beat me for my heresy. Every blow convinced me more that I was right but more importantly, they were wrong. I knew that I was gay by then too. They taught me that was wrong. I knew that it was right.


    The Limitation Game

    benedict-cumberbatchBy James Barnes

    OUT is proud to have Benedict Cumberbatch sported on our February cover to celebrate his new movie, The Imitation Game. If you have not yet seen it- shame on you. Quite simply, it is a masterpiece with Mr Cumberbatch, brilliantly portraying Alan Turing, the mathematical genius who cracked the Nazi Enigma code, shortening WW2 by two years and saving 14 million lives. Turing is also acknowledged as the father of the modern computer, without whom, you would not be reading this now. Turing was also gay.


    The Test at Caremat Buddy Station

    Caremat Buddy StationBy James Barnes

    Safe sex is a priority that I always adhere to but I do still get tested every few months. I used to go to a small clinic near to my old condo; a quick sample taken, 300 THB and 45 minutes later the results were in- by telephone. Easy. Now I have moved and the nearest testing station to me is the Caremat Buddy Station, close to Wat Suan Dok in Chiang Mai and it was there that I found myself last Saturday.


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