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May 2015 Issue

OUT 53 MAY 2015 WEB 1It’s the very merry, month of May, and we’re celebrating the 11th annual Cambodian Gay Pride in Phnom Penh with a full schedule of events and a couple of suggestions as to where you should stay for a perfect Pride.

We have an exclusive interview with Professor John Scott, co-editor of the definitive study of male prostitution, Male Sex Work & Society, and YOU can WIN a FREE copy in our easy to enter competition.

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Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    Missing Editor-in-Chief: The Latest

    By Out in Thailand  Webmaster

    A massive thank you for all your emails and messages regarding James Barnes' disappearance. Your concern and sympathy has been truly touching and OUT iT Magazine expresses the deepest possible thanks to you. Our readers are surely the best in the world.

    We are very pleased to tell you that James Barnes has been found. A full statement will be issued shortly, so please watch this space.


    Urgent Appeal

    By Out in Thailand Webmaster

    The last reliable sighting of our editor-in-chief, James Barnes, was in Chiang Mai on April 27th. Since this time his phone and emails have been unanswered. We are now getting very concerned. If you have any information that can help, please contact me directly: webmaster@out-in-thailand.com.

    Fortunately, I have a stock of material that James wrote, so the magazine will continue.  And it seems the May issue didn't get printed, though as always you can read it here on the site.

    Any information you can provide is appreciated.


    The Government has seen your cock.


    By James Barnes

    After the not so shocking Wikileaks and Snowden ‘revelations’, and the scale of state sponsored surveillance that we had already guessed but is now official, an old chestnut was trotted out. ‘If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.’ It’s a pity because when it comes down to it, plenty of us who have done nothing wrong have much that we would prefer to hide. It’s a matter of privacy. Face it. The government has seen your cock.


    What is it all about?


    By James Barnes

    A guy approached me the other day and asked why a gay magazine is relevant in 2015. Surely, he stated, the campaigns are all but over now and society at large is so accepting of gay people, there is just no real call for a gay publication. Many of the hippest bars for the young are now populated by a very mixed crowd and that demonstrates, he pointed out, the extent to which integration is defeating the requirement of what he called, ‘The Gay Ghetto.’ He made some good points but I assured him that there was still a vital job to be done by the gay press. “Alright,” he said, “What is it all about?”


    You can help… now!

    By James Barnes.

    The HIV Foundation has been doing a truly wonderful job for years. Not just for Thais. They are also a lifeline for reliable information, testing and healthcare advice and management for foreigners in the Kingdom. Their practical, non-judgemental approach is level headed, well informed and deeply caring. Their main source of finance was US AID but since the coup in Thailand last year, that support has been withdrawn for cynical and selfish political reasons. This means that the foundation has had to cut back on its essential work and people are suffering. In fact, things are now so bad that their whole operation is at risk of shutdown. The current emergency is real and you can help… now!

    Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.04.08 PM

    I remember, back in the early days of HIV/AIDS, the gay community mobilised and showed its quality, compassion and generosity. It is time for that example to emerge once more. Without our support, vulnerable people will go untested, untreated and die. People, gay and straight, who cannot afford to provide for themselves will get sick, suffer and face an unnecessary death. The message to you is simple: please help now. It does not matter if your donation is just a few hundred baht or thousands. Every single penny counts. 

    This is a real cry from my heart. I am sure that you will hear it and be as generous as you possibly can. It’s easy. Just click on this link: http://hivfoundation.com/donate


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