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January 2015

OUT49JAN2015WEB 1It’s a Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to us! This is our Special 4th Birthday issue and we’re celebrating with review of 2014 and announcing the outcome of all your precious votes in the OUT in Thailand Readers’ Choice Awards.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and trouble to give this well-earned pat on the back to all those businesses who have gone the extra mile to serve our fabulous community and it’s time you got back online to out-in-thailand.com/ awards and get voting for next year’s accolades!

Talking of pats on the back, Brian Baxter nominates his best movies of 2014, we dish out the OUT iT TV awards and in the start of a brand new series, you can Meet the Team who bring you OUT iT, starting with an interview with diva Darika!

I wish you a happy, healthy and totally fabulous 2015!

Out This Week

Out-in-Thailand’s Editor in Chief James Barnes: thoughts for the week


    The Simple Life

    Huay-Tung-Tao-3389By James Barnes

    The blues would have been an understatement. Everybody gets down now and then. It’s an unavoidable part of life. A knock back which manifests a small grey cloud that soon evaporates after the smallest distraction and a clear sky is returned. This was different. This was the return of the black dog. Actually, it felt more like a pack of the damned beasts, howling mournfully with teeth bared and bearing malice aforethought. The proverbial rabbit caught in the head lamps was the effect on yours truly. Frozen. Petrified. All actions and animation suspended.


    Je suis Charlie? J’accuse les Francais (The terrorists have won)

    By James Barnescharliehebdoterror

    The atrocities at the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris were shocking. Cold blooded murder in the name of Islam, by maniacs who think that blasphemy warrants a death sentence, is intolerable, medieval and outrageous. That hateful attack on free speech was calculated by clowns who had no idea of the backlash they would unleash. How sad that they did not survive to witness it and face justice. In their twisted minds, and the twisted minds of their like, they have achieved martyrdom while the families and loved ones of those they slaughtered, suffer. How sad that the very principles that Charlie Hebdo championed have now been betrayed by the French.


    The Age Gap

    Fry & SpencerBy James Barnes

    Stephen Fry, ubiquitous broadcaster, actor, writer and wit, announced last week that he is engaged to marry his stand-up comedian boyfriend, Eliot Spencer, who is 30 years his junior. Although Mr Fry, a famed Tweeter, thanked a whole host of luminaries and fans, who tweeted their congratulations on the happy news, many were not so kind. The Twittersphere is renowned for its nastiness but why were they picking on lovely Stephen?


    Funding Nemo

    goldfish saved by operationBy James Barnes

    Among all the holiday ballyhoo and the on-going NATO dilemma of deciding if the Third World War should be staged in Syria or Ukraine, you may have missed it: an astounding news story that made all the national UK newspapers. An unnamed Englishman forked out an incredible 300 GBP (15,000 Thai Baht) for a surgical procedure to be performed on his pet goldfish. You couldn’t make it up. The ailing fish was suffering, we, and he, was told, from constipation. Apart from knowing that certain fish go very well with chips and Fillet of Sole De Bonne Femme is very tasty, my marine knowledge is sparse but how the hell do you know when a 5 centimetre long koi carp is overdue for a crap?


    Ball Gazing: 4 things that will definitely happen in 2015

    Excellence-in-Predicting-the-Future-Award-www.flickr.com_By James Barnes

    As 2014 fades away, misted by the hungover hooray haze of a New Year’s party that had me wishing for large shareholdings in Moet and Chandon and Gordon’s gin, it’s time to focus bloodshot peepers, don the headscarf and Gypsy Rose Loombucket earrings and polish off the old crystal ball to peek into what the coming year will bring. Albert Einstein said, ‘One need only think of the weather, in which case predictions, even for a few days ahead are impossible.’ But what did he know about time?


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